Top Cryptocurrency Advertising Networks in 2023

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The crypto industry is growing, but traditional ad platforms like Google AdSense and social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have banned crypto ads, making it challenging for advertisers to reach their target audience.

For publishers, this restriction means lost income despite their efforts to create quality crypto content and attract traffic. For advertisers, it means missing out on a receptive audience who would be interested in their ads. If you are looking for web 3 marketing we are providing the best services in the crypto industry.

Enter crypto ad networks, offering a solution that benefits both advertisers and publishers by providing a platform for them to connect and thrive. Get the best of both worlds and take your crypto advertising to the next level with crypto ad networks.

What Is a Crypto Ad Network?

These platforms bridge the gap between crypto publishers and advertisers, providing a space for crypto projects and companies to promote their products and services on related websites, blogs, and forums.

Unlike traditional ad platforms like Google AdSense, crypto ad networks cater exclusively to the cryptocurrency industry and understand the unique advertising needs of this market. They offer targeted advertising options for maximum impact.

With added security and privacy benefits through the use of decentralized technologies, crypto ad networks also offer the flexibility of cryptocurrency or fiat currency payments. Advertisers can set minimum deposits and daily budgets, while publishers can benefit from geo-restrictions and the display of high-paying, relevant ads.

Best Crypto Ad Networks for 2023

Looking for the best crypto ad network for 2023 and beyond? Look no further than Cointraffic!

Established seven years ago, Cointraffic revolutionized the advertising landscape in the crypto industry.

Advertisers used to struggle to connect with reputable niche websites, but with Cointraffic, the process has become seamless and efficient. The self-service option enables you to set up a campaign in minutes, and with their selective pool of publishers, you can be sure your ads will only be displayed on reputable websites, reaching your target audience.

With multiple ad formats available, Cointraffic supports both fiat and cryptocurrency payments. The platform provides geo and device targeting, and offers access to traffic from all over the world. The budget is set at a minimum deposit of 500 Euro, a minimum daily budget of 20 Euro, and PR distribution starting at 1,500 Euro.

The best part? Campaigns go live within minutes, and Cointraffic offers a wide range of banner sizes. With access to huge traffic volumes, your crypto project can gain visibility and attract traffic.

While Cointraffic does have some weaknesses, such as weak geo-restriction and only offering a CPM plan, it’s still a top choice for crypto advertisers. The CPM floor setting is available as an add-on service, and the minimum bids may be expensive, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.



AdsAds is a trailblazer in the crypto advertising space, with a presence since 2011. It offers a user-friendly and privacy-focused advertising platform that allows users to keep their personal information private. Real-time, transparent statistics are available on its website.

A-Ads It provides manual moderation, giving advertisers the option to exclude websites they don’t want their ads to appear on and publishers the ability to ban irrelevant advertisers. Advertisers are assigned tags based on their industry, including gambling, NSFW, and others, for differentiation.

Key Features:

  • HTML code embedding for easy integration
  • Ad models: CPD, CPA, and CPM
  • Accepts various cryptocurrencies for payments
  • Offers targeting options through site categories, GEOs, and quality range
  • Targets worldwide countries, but primarily receives traffic from English-speaking regions
  • Extensive selection of cryptocurrency traffic sources ideal for promoting ICOs, currency exchanges, cloud mining, etc.
  • Budget: No minimum deposit | Premium Crypto Package starts at $44.32 CPM


  • Multiple advertising models to choose from
  • Quick and easy campaign setup
  • Ability to maximize ad spend with a daily budget option


  • Ads may appear on low-quality websites


Bitmedia, a London-based crypto ad network, offers extensive global reach with over 20 million monthly users and over 1 billion impressions for advertisers. Utilizing AI to personalize ad experiences, the ad-serving algorithm continuously improves with user behavior insights.

Advertisers have access to diverse ad options, including rich media, HTML5, and display ads. Bitmedia also ensures quality with carefully screened advertisers and publishers, and offers a price floor for publishers to attract high-paying, relevant ads.

Key features:

Flexible pricing models (CPC or CPM) Strong geotargeting (US, Canada, Europe) Geo, device, timing, frequency targeting 24/7 support Easy setup and simple ad interface.


High-quality network of crypto-related websites Multiple ad types to choose from Competitive payouts attract high-quality publishers Strict verification and security to protect against fraud, bots, and paid traffic Cons:

Accepts only Bitcoin and fiat payments


Coin.Network elevates crypto advertising with its highly curated partner sites, delivering over 1 billion impressions monthly from 50 million active users. Owned by BuySellAds, a well-known privacy-focused context advertising platform, Coin.The network provides various ad formats, including Display and Native Ads. Advertisers can also collaborate with Coin.Network’s performance marketing specialists to optimize campaigns for their target audience.


Comprehensive management suite Geographic, interest, and industry targeting options Privacy-focused and context-oriented platform Available in both Native and Display Ad formats Only displays ads on premium crypto websites Accepts fiat currency (USD), BTC, ETH, LTC, and other cryptocurrencies as payment options Budget: Self-Serve Campaign requires a minimum budget of $5,000.


Owned by a top CPM and CPC advertising company Carefully selected, high-quality publishers Impressive monthly traffic and impressions Non-intrusive ads Cons:

Self-Serve Campaigns have a high minimum budget Limited pool of crypto websites to select from.


Coinzilla is a crypto ad network with a monthly reach of over 1 billion impressions from 650+ crypto websites worldwide. They offer easy and fast setup for advertisers and accept a variety of publishers who meet their requirements. Advertisers can create customized campaigns using geo-targeting, and monitor results with tracking and optimization tools.


  • Simple and quick setup in minutes
  • Multiple ad format options, including HTML5 banners
  • Flexible budget options for self-serve campaigns
  • Accepts cryptocurrency and fiat payments such as bank transfer, credit card, and Webmoney
  • Minimum deposit of 5,000 EUR


  • Quick and easy customization of campaigns
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Proven track record with over 16,000 campaigns delivered


  • Limited to CPM advertising model only


CoinAd is a selective crypto ad network that only partners with top-performing websites, with a minimum of 100,000 daily impressions. Invite-only admission ensures high-quality traffic for advertisers and competitive earnings for trusted publishers. Unlike other networks, CoinAd does not auction advertising space, giving equal opportunities for ad exposure throughout the day.

With multiple ad formats, self-service options, and customizable campaigns, advertisers can choose from CPC and CPM ad models and PR story distribution. Ad packages start at $100 and the minimum daily budget is $5.

Advantages of CoinAd include reliable returns on investment from top-performing publishers and cost-effective ad campaigns. However, the pool of publishers is limited.


Adshares offers a unique approach to crypto advertising. As a decentralized platform, it connects publishers and advertisers directly, eliminating the need for intermediaries. This allows advertisers to reach programmatic ads across a variety of digital spaces, including metaverse, games, AR/VR, mobile apps, and websites. Publishers can monetize any digital space through Adshares.

The open-source SDK allows for easy blockchain integration with the blockchain ecosystem, ensuring transparency and reducing the risk of fraudulent activity. Adshares boasts low fees, decentralized ad servers, and real-time settlements, making it a cost-effective option for advertisers.


  • Low fees from open ecosystem
  • Direct transactions between publishers and advertisers
  • Real-time settlements
  • Censorship-free


  • Transparent and secure ad campaigns
  • Direct transactions between publishers and advertisers
  • Cost-effective option for small advertisers


  • One-by-one transactions with publishers required


DOT is a top crypto ad network in the UK, offering advertisers direct access to over 150 premium blockchain and crypto news websites and podcasts. With DOT, advertisers can reach high-quality audiences interested in AI blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, and other cutting-edge blockchain technologies.

DOT uses context and geo-targeting to drive conversions in their campaigns. Advertisers can also add tracking links for complete transparency of metrics.


Easy audience profiling Only top publishers in crypto, gaming, DeFi, and Web3 In-depth DOT Analytics Dashboard Customizable and flexible monthly plans 24/7 client support Budget: Starts at $999


High-quality audience through premium publishers Transparent metrics tracking Dedicated account management Cons:

Limited publisher acceptance – only in crypto, gaming, finance, and blockchain industries.


ADConity is a leading Zurich-based crypto ad network that offers flexible and affordable advertising options through its CPA, CPM, and CPC models. Advertisers can choose from a range of ad formats, including text, images, pop-ups, banners, PR, and more, and can easily set up campaigns with the platform’s intuitive interface and modifiable features.

Since its establishment in 2017, ADConity has established partnerships with leading brands like GoDaddy, and focuses on the blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, GameFi apps, and crypto marketing niche.


Multiple revenue models: CPA, CPM, CPC Wide variety of ad formats User-friendly interface Accepts both cryptocurrency and fiat payments


Cost-effective and flexible advertising High-quality publishers in the crypto niche Simple campaign setup process Cons:

Ad Dragon (now Dragon X)

Ad Dragon is a cutting-edge crypto advertising platform that disrupts traditional crypto advertising. As the world’s first DeFi and Ethereum-based platform, it operates entirely on cryptocurrency. Advertisers and publishers can connect directly through Ad Dragon’s online marketplace, powered by decentralized blockchain technology.

Ad Dragon prioritizes privacy and censorship-free advertising, giving publishers and advertisers the freedom to create their ideal ad scenario. Publishers sell their ad services, such as sponsored posts, press releases, and banner ads, while advertisers search the marketplace for suitable ad opportunities. Publishers set their own ad prices, and advertisers choose what fits their needs.

Advertisers also have the flexibility to customize their crypto projects’ promotions on the publisher’s site. This innovative approach allows advertisers to reach relevant publishers and achieve their desired crypto marketing goals.


  • Decentralized online marketplace for peer-to-peer transactions
  • Privacy-focused, censorship-free network powered by blockchain encryption
  • Performance monitoring tools for campaigns
  • Modern ad techniques, such as podcast marketing and influencer marketing
  • Commission-based pricing (Ad Dragon takes 5% commission from publisher fees)


  • Unique way to advertise crypto projects
  • Transparent system reducing fraud risks
  • Unlimited options for budget-friendly crypto advertising


  • No strict publisher vetting policy, requiring due diligence from advertisers
  • Younger ad network compared to others in the industry

As the crypto industry continues to grow, crypto ad networks are a crucial player in the advertising space. Leverage the power of these platforms to increase visibility and drive traffic to your crypto-related projects.

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