Benefits of Blockchain As a Service

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Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) allows companies to access and use blockchain technology through third-party providers.

Blockchain technology completely changes the current business paradigm by improving customer interactions with the brand by providing transparency, trust, security, and simplification in the purchase process; resulting in increased customer loyalty.

BaaS companies act as blockchain service providers, offering cloud-based solutions for businesses to develop and host blockchain applications and smart contracts.

This makes blockchain more accessible and useful for companies.

By utilizing BaaS, companies can personalize their blockchain integrations to solve specific business pain points.

BaaS technology is making an impact across a range of industries, from real estate smart contracts to retail payment processing.

These BaaS companies are revolutionizing technology by integrating blockchain into everyday operations.

18 Blockchain-as-a-Service Companies to Know


AlphaCorpConsulting is a one-stop solution for all your crypto & blockchain-related business ideas.

At AlphaCorpConsulting we provide services ranging from cryptocurrency exchange development to NFT development, DeFi Development, Blockchain development, and more.

We also extend our services according to the market trend and in that way, we extended our services in metaverse development too.


PayStand uses the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize payment and documentation processes, ensuring their immutability and ease of auditing.

With its BaaS solutions, PayStand enables the notarization of important certificates like diplomas, deeds, and receipts, as well as offers an admin platform that offers deep insights into real-time data.

The PayStand network streamlines the end-to-end financial process, automating critical tasks like cash management, accounting, and reconciliation.


Blockstream offers blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) for creating efficient financial solutions for the Bitcoin protocol.

Its Bitcoin processing technology enables a decentralized financial system by removing the requirement of intermediaries.

With up to ten available solutions, Blockstream’s BaaS meets various cryptocurrency infrastructure requirements, including blockchain mining, scalable energy solutions, API management, and more.


Dragonchain, originally a subsidiary of Disney, offers a BaaS solution to secure business assets and data.

With a serverless cloud architecture, Dragonchain enhances the interoperability and confidentiality of blockchains that store crucial business information, such as financials.


Bloq provides an end-to-end BaaS solution designed to address key business challenges, such as reconciliation, authentication, and security.

Their software platform enables companies to customize and construct BaaS technology to fit their specific requirements for app development and maintenance.

Some of the unique blockchain features offered by Bloq include a smart wallet, a smart contract platform, and a decentralized cloud for data storage and management.


In 2021, Factom was acquired by Inveniam and has since become a leading BaaS provider for managing and securing important documents.

The “Factom Protocol” is a ledger solution that digitizes documents, streamlining audit processes and reducing costs.

The technology uses encryption to authenticate and verify personal documents on the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain, keeping important information safe.


Symbiont offers its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) to various financial technology (fintech) companies.

With Symbiont’s BaaS, mortgage, and loan lenders, as well as banks, can verify the origin of records and transparently track ledger payments.

In addition, private equity firms and crowdfunding services platforms can secure private documents and showcase ownership of securities in real time with Symbiont’s BaaS.


tZERO’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) ledger streamlines financial operations by providing real-time transparency in the finance industry.

With its innovative security token and Digital Locate Receipt platform, the company enables financial institutions to efficiently distribute cryptocurrency and track it throughout the complete spending cycle.


Skuchain delivers Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) to revolutionize the shipping and logistics sector.

Its advanced technology integrates blockchain-based infrastructure into existing IT processes to allow businesses seamless access to a cloud environment, blockchain protocol, and in-house applications.

The Skuchain Platform’s BaaS solutions provide an instant implementation of smart contracts and chain-of-custody tools, making it a versatile solution for any supply chain process.


LeewayHertz provides comprehensive blockchain services, including expert consulting, setup, and maintenance of hybrid ledgers.

They offer blockchain development support, enabling smart contract creation, tokenization, and more across seven different blockchain ecosystems.

With a portfolio of successful decentralized app (dApp) projects for big names such as Disney, Budweiser, and 3M, LeewayHertz is a leading provider in the industry.


VironIT is a provider of comprehensive BaaS services such as consultation and blockchain mobile app development.

The company’s BaaS offerings include smart contract creation and auditing for cryptocurrency and digital wallet development.


Altoros provides advanced blockchain-based solutions that streamline workflows, increase identity security and efficiently manage records.

With experience in industries such as telecom, finance, energy, supply chain, and manufacturing, Altoros has implemented blockchain to reduce fraud, improve parts detection, and more.

The company’s permission blockchains provide additional security and efficiency to various industries.


Appinventiv provides a comprehensive set of blockchain solutions and tools for various industries.

The company specializes in developing decentralized applications (dApps) for sectors such as healthcare, entertainment, logistics, and finance.

With over 700 dApps created, the company offers a range of features, including smart contracts and crypto wallet creation.


BlockApps provides enterprise clients with secure, permission-based BaaS solutions focused on enhancing security.

The company’s development environment for blockchain is easily deployable, either locally or in the cloud, and can be set up within minutes.

With a versatile BaaS platform, BlockApps provides blockchain solutions for a variety of applications, including smart insurance contracts and fraud prevention in ticketing systems.

Cryptowerk’s BaaS offers businesses secure, ledger-based solutions for safeguarding critical data and establishing a tamper-proof chain of custody.

The Cryptowerk Seal, a blockchain API that uses ledgers to authenticate data and digital assets, has been applied in a variety of fields, including shipment identification, GPS telemetry in vehicles, and data collection from smart energy meters.


Clovyr provides a platform for rapidly experimenting, iterating, and deploying blockchain applications.

By combining permissioned and public networks, it offers increased immutability and authentication capabilities.


Kaleido’s business-oriented, end-to-end Blockchain-as-a-Service platform streamlines the process of creating and operating cloud-based blockchain networks for enterprises.

With Kaleido, customers have the ability to govern multiple cloud environments with blockchains across Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, and across any geographical location.


Innominds offers a BaaS solution for smart contract and cryptocurrency development, enabling businesses to create, test, and maintain blockchain-based products.

They offer the ability to develop crypto solutions using Ripple, as well as support inter-ledger payments across multiple blockchain networks.

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