Best Blockchain App Development Companies

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Looking for top Blockchain Development Companies? AlphaCorpConsulting is a leading blockchain app development company that works with startups as well as large-scale

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the top 8 blockchain app development agencies, providing in-depth reviews and highlighting our top choices.

In addition, we’ll present our ranking methodology and explain what blockchain app development companies are, and what services they offer.

So, get ready to unlock the potential of AI and blockchain technology with the best app development companies.

The Top Blockchain App Development Companies Right Now – Overview

Discover the best blockchain app development companies with our top picks.

We’ve summarized each company’s key features below, and you can find more in-depth reviews just a bit further down the page.

  • Tech Alchemy: A specialized blockchain app development company with a proven track record in the industry
  • AppInventiv: A versatile app developer with a dedicated blockchain development team
  • CoinFabrik: A specialist in creating blockchain-based end-user apps
  • Innovecs: An expert in developing blockchain apps across multiple networks
  • Empirical: A fintech-focused blockchain app development company
  • 10Clouds: A highly-skilled blockchain app developer with a team of over 200 employees
  • Intellectsoft: An award-winning blockchain agency serving both enterprise and startup clients
  • PixelPlex: A custom blockchain app agency with 15 years of experience in the industry.”

The Best Blockchain App Development Agencies

We have selected a mix of companies that operate exclusively in the blockchain sector and others that provide broader development services with a blockchain expert team, to meet a variety of needs.


AlphaCorpConsulting is a one-stop solution for all your crypto & blockchain-related business ideas.

At AlphaCorpConsulting we provide services ranging from cryptocurrency exchange development to NFT development, DeFi Development, Blockchain development, and more.

We also extend our services according to the market trend and in that way, we extended our services in metaverse development too.

1. Tech Alchemy – Specialized Blockchain App Development Company with a Strong Track Record

Tech Alchemy is the best choice for anyone starting a blockchain app development project. Since its inception in 2016, the Tech Alchemy team has grown and achieved excellent results in the implementation of high-profile projects, gaining a wealth of experience in the process.

As the UK’s highest-rated blockchain agency, Tech Alchemy has expertise in many areas, including blockchain, mobile apps, and more.

The company has a successful track record, with previous projects including, a Dragon’s Den-winning AI advertising platform, and House of Crops, an agricultural trading platform.

Tech Alchemy is ready to handle any blockchain-related app development need, whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise. The company’s impressive history of delivering excellence is backed by its long list of satisfied customers.

With a team of 45 expert developers and eight experienced designers, Tech Alchemy is able to deliver projects at breakneck speeds while still achieving unparalleled results.

This, combined with the company’s numerous positive customer reviews, explains why Tech Alchemy is a leading blockchain app development company.

In addition, Tech Alchemy’s inclusion in industry-leading publications such as AWS, the BBC, and Clutch further highlights the company’s phenomenal performance.

As part of the broader Block Labs organization, Tech Alchemy clients can also take advantage of additional services, such as product marketing and project financing.

For a comprehensive and customized blockchain app development experience, look no further than Tech Alchemy. The company’s vast experience and range of services make it one of the best blockchain app software development companies out there. Join the ranks of leading clients and see for yourself why Tech Alchemy is the way to go.

2. AppInventiv – App Developer with Dedicated Blockchain Team

AppInventiv is a leading blockchain development company with a wide range of industry expertise. Since 2014, the company has been offering innovative solutions and has established a global presence with offices in the UK, the US, Australia, and India.

As one of the leading blockchain app development companies, AppInventiv has received recognition in The Entrepreneur and CIOReview.

Boasting a team of over 30 blockchain experts, AppInventiv offers a comprehensive suite of blockchain development services, including wallet app development, decentralized apps, and full token development.

Their dedicated blockchain team is prepared to handle the most complex blockchain projects, in addition to their expertise in mobile app development.

AppInventiv’s reputation for delivering quality services and winning numerous industry awards has made it a popular choice among entrepreneurs looking for the best blockchain app development services.

3. CoinFabrik – Top Blockchain Solution Based End-User Apps

CoinFabrik, founded in 2014, is a leading provider of blockchain applications for mobile and desktop devices. Focusing on blockchain-based development, the company has partnered with some of the leading crypto projects, including Render Token, Telegram, Chiliz, and Algorand.

Offering customized development services, CoinFabrik guarantees a high level of security and ease of maintenance thanks to its unique software solutions.

With a proven track record of over 250 blockchain projects and 90 satisfied clients, CoinFabrik has established itself as one of the top blockchain app development companies.

The company offers end-user apps that are compatible with various networks, as well as comprehensive blockchain development services such as the creation of private blockchains.

If you’re looking for top-notch blockchain app development services, CoinFabrik is a great option. However, for entrepreneurs seeking more generalized app development, companies like Tech Alchemy might be better suited to their needs.

4. Innovecs

Innovecs, a leading digital tech company, has a reputation as one of the best blockchain development companies in the industry.

With extensive expertise in AI development, big data management, machine learning, and mobile app development, Innovecs provides end-to-end tech solutions for businesses.

The company stays up-to-date with the latest technologies, including Ethereum, Solidity, and XRP, providing clients with efficient and effective blockchain solutions. Innovecs can also handle projects that blend AI and blockchain, ensuring seamless integration of these cutting-edge technologies.

In the blockchain space, Innovecs offers bespoke development, smart contract creation, crypto payment processing, and distributed ledger creation. The company’s expert teams of both mobile and blockchain developers make Innovecs a strong contender for blockchain app game development projects.

If you’re looking for a full-service digital tech company with a dedicated blockchain team, Innovecs might be the right fit. You can request a free quote to find out more about their offerings.

5. Empirica – Fintech-Dedicated Blockchain App Development Company

Empirica is a leading fintech development company specializing in creating blockchain-based solutions. Having cooperated with such significant institutions as the Warsaw Stock Exchange and BitBay, Empirica has extensive experience in the fintech space.

For entrepreneurs looking to build a fintech platform or product, Empirica stands out as one of the best blockchain app development agencies. The team takes a custom approach to each project, ensuring a unique and tailored experience that aligns with the client’s goals and vision.

From concept to ongoing support, Empirica guides clients through every step of the development process.

The team designs the product creates a roadmap, uses agile development methodologies to build the software, and provides ongoing maintenance and support.

Given its fintech specialization and ability to serve both small and large companies, Empirica is a top choice for those building a blockchain-based fintech product.

6. 10Clouds – Blockchain App Developer with Over 200 Employees

10Clouds, a leading blockchain development company, offers comprehensive blockchain and fintech development and consultancy services. With a talented team of over 200 experts and team augmentation options, 10Clouds is equipped to tackle projects of any scale.

The company’s reputation in the blockchain app development industry is solid, as evidenced by articles in prominent publications like The New York Times and The Economist.

With extensive experience, the 10Clouds team is skilled in developing blockchain-based applications for both IOS and Android platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, and wearables. The company’s portfolio includes projects like Crescent, a staking app, Earnity, an educational platform, and Aleph Zero, a new cryptocurrency blockchain.

The rich experience and large teams of 10Clouds make it one of the top blockchain app development companies in the industry.

7. Intellectsoft – Award-Winning Blockchain Agency for Enterprise and Startup Clients

Clutch named Intellectsoft as one of the top blockchain development agencies in 2018, and it has a reputation for delivering outstanding results for its clients.

With a presence in Eastern Europe, the UK, the US, and Norway, the company offers worldwide reach and versatility.

Intellectsoft has served a wide range of clients, from small startups to Fortune 500 enterprises like Shell, NHS, and London Stock Exchange.

The company is skilled in developing high-quality blockchain mobile apps, such as a mobile cryptocurrency wallet and a multi-purpose crypto app.

Intellectsoft follows a comprehensive approach to ensure customer satisfaction when creating blockchain mobile apps.

The team starts by evaluating client requirements, formulating a strategy, designing and developing the product, and providing ongoing support for development.

If you’re looking for one of the best blockchain app development companies, look no further than Intellectsoft. With its proven track record, the company is a top choice for developing top-notch blockchain apps.

8. PixelPlex – Bespoke Blockchain App Agency with 15 Years of Experience

PixelPlex boasts 15 years of technical experience and has been recognized as a top blockchain app development agency by Clutch, winning awards such as Top 1000 Service Providers, Top Development Companies, and Top Blockchain Companies.

Thanks to a dedicated blockchain team, PixelPlex is prepared to develop on popular networks like Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and Hyperledger. The company offers a wide range of blockchain services, including NFT project development, decentralized app development, and smart contract creation.

As a larger company with a significant workforce, PixelPlex can handle even the most ambitious blockchain projects. Additionally, the company has developed a layer-2 blockchain ecosystem based on Ethereum, facilitating the cost-effective implementation of new products for customers.

PixelPlex prides itself on its ability to help clients bring almost any blockchain-related idea to life, making it a top choice for those with bold blockchain visions, be it a cutting-edge crypto game or a new exchange following the FTX collapse.

What are Blockchain App Development Firms and How do They Work?

Blockchain technology is a highly sought-after innovation in the modern world, but understanding and developing it can be a challenge.

Mastering blockchain development requires years of study, making it an unrealistic option for entrepreneurs looking to launch their products or services quickly.

That’s where AI blockchain development firms come to the rescue. Hiring a reputable blockchain development firm like Tech Alchemy can streamline the development process by using the expertise of specialists and accelerate the time to market.

The process of working with a blockchain development firm typically includes defining the ideas and requirements, designing the software, creating a roadmap, developing the software, and finally launching the product. Some firms, such as Tech Alchemy, also provide marketing and promotional services to further enhance the success of the product.

What are the Services Offered by Blockchain App Development Companies?

It’s difficult to categorize the services offered by blockchain app development companies because each firm has its own specialties.

Some focus solely on blockchain app development, while others offer broader services.

However, after carefully evaluating various companies, we have compiled a list of services often provided by blockchain app development agencies:

  1. Crypto Wallet Development
  2. Building Decentralized Exchanges
  3. Creating Decentralized Applications (dApps)
  4. Constructing Mobile Trading Platforms
  5. Integrating Blockchain Technology with Existing Businesses
  6. Enhancing Mobile Usability

Keep in mind that each blockchain app development company has its own areas of expertise, so it’s best to shop around to find the one that best suits your needs.

If you want to learn more about the best all-around blockchain development firms and top Web3 developers, check out our guides.

The Way We Ranked the Best Blockchain App Development Agencies

To compile a list of the best blockchain app development companies, we evaluated them using multiple criteria for ranking:


As mentioned earlier, each blockchain app development company specializes in a unique area and offers a diverse range of services. Our list prioritizes firms with a proven track record in mobile development and those with dedicated AI blockchain teams, as our focus is on developing top-notch mobile blockchain software.

Client History

With tons of app development firms to choose from, it’s important to evaluate a company’s track record to identify the best agency. Our research thoroughly examines the past projects of each firm we consider, guaranteeing that every firm on our list has a proven history of delivering exceptional results to its clients.

Awards and Features

While a positive track record is a strong indicator of a company’s capabilities, it’s not the only factor to consider. To ensure the best choice, we’ve selected firms that have been recognized by prominent publications like the BBC and The Economist.

We’ve also taken into account awards from leading industry organizations like Clutch.

Range of Services In addition to taking into account other factors, we’ve also assessed the range of services offered by each firm, creating a ranking of the best blockchain app development.

Our top picks primarily provide blockchain app services, but offering additional services such as team augmentation and marketing can be a big advantage and streamline the process

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