The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Marketing Strategies for Twitter

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Twitter has evolved from a simple micro-blogging platform where crypto enthusiasts share their thoughts to a dynamic NFT marketplace marketing channel for Web3 brands to reach their target audience.

A well-crafted marketing strategy can help crypto projects maximize their reach on the popular platform.

Why is Twitter important for crypto marketing?

The widespread acceptance of blockchain technology drives the need for the effective promotion of crypto projects. Social media platforms provide a valuable opportunity to spread the word about your crypto venture.

In 2022, Twitter will be of particular significance for crypto brands as it offers various advertising and marketing options.

By using Twitter, you can expand your audience, showcase your token or project, increase traffic to your website and community, and much more. Make the most of this dynamic platform to ensure the growth and success of your crypto project.

Setting up your Twitter account

Twitter handle

Your Twitter handle serves as your identification on the social media platform for the crypto community. It’s very important that your target audience can easily remember and recognize it. For consistency across all your social media channels, it’s recommended that the handle reflects your crypto brand or product name.

Profile picture

Your Twitter profile picture represents your brand’s online presence, including your interactions, posts, and tweets related to the crypto world. That’s why it’s important to have an eye-catching profile picture. Use your logo or wordmark to create a strong visual impression, and make sure to use the right dimensions for a clear, high-quality image.

Optimize your Twitter bio

A Twitter bio offers a concise overview of your crypto project to visitors of your profile. Therefore, creating a compelling and memorable bio is essential. Customize your bio to accurately reflect your brand’s personality and keep it focused on your target audience. Take inspiration from the Twitter bio of World of Women NFT for a well-optimized profile.

Background picture

The background picture on your Twitter profile is an opportunity to share updates on current campaigns, mint dates, and events, or provide insights to your audience. Regularly updating this image can help keep your profile fresh and attractive.


Below your profile picture and bio, there is a section where you can provide a link to drive traffic to your website, Discord community, Opensea profile, and other relevant resources.

Create your brand guidelines

Develop a set of guidelines for the Twitter brand to ensure clarity and consistency. These guidelines will help avoid any social media missteps and should be tailored to your specific Twitter objectives. Your brand guidelines should cover important aspects, such as the use of branded hashtags, UTM parameters, recommended content strategies, and other relevant information.

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Now that you’ve set up a cryptocurrency Twitter account, it’s time to research the most effective marketing strategies for optimizing your use of this social media platform.

9 crypto marketing strategies we can’t recommend enough for your Web3 brand in 2023

1. Create your brand voice

Defining a clear brand voice is crucial in shaping your Twitter marketing plan. A captivating brand voice is a must, but on the crypto Twitter platform, your followers expect brands to tweet genuinely and maintain their brand voice.

Your Twitter marketing voice should be new, unique, and able to effectively communicate your brand’s message.

While Twitter allows for a more relaxed and fun tone compared to platforms like Reddit or Instagram, it’s still important to stay authentic and consistent with your overall brand voice.

2. Create a well-defined content calendar

To keep your followers engaged with your business and content while building your base, it’s essential to consistently post on Twitter. In addition to posting frequently, it’s also important to tweet during optimal times of the day.

A Twitter content calendar can help you schedule your posts and identify potential content ideas and marketing opportunities related to crypto and NFT marketplace topics.

3. Host giveaways

Twitter giveaways are a fun and simple way to increase engagement on your profile. They are simple to set up and use, and can provide valuable insights into your target audience. By organizing Twitter contests or giveaways, you can achieve a number of goals, such as increasing your follower number, raising brand recognition, and promoting your tokens or NFTs in the NFT marketplace.

4. Use hashtags and follow trends

If you don’t make the most of Twitter hashtags, you may miss out on many opportunities to reach the right audience on the platform. Hashtags allow you to group tweets and conversations around similar topics, making it easier for people to discover and follow topics of interest. For example, a search for #crypto will reveal a multitude of posts related to cryptocurrency.

By incorporating hashtags, you can participate in industry discussions and Twitter trends, attracting a highly relevant audience who is interested in your content.

This can increase your visibility to a wider audience beyond your followers and boost the discoverability and reach of your content. Some may discover your NFT or crypto token using these hashtags, while others may start following your brand.

5. Leverage the power of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing typically involves collaboration between brands and individuals with a large following on Twitter in a related field. When the right influencers support your token or cryptocurrency project, it can greatly increase your brand’s exposure. Regardless of the phase of the crypto project, it’s good to start partnering with influencers.

A good first step is to identify influencers in the crypto space relevant to your project. For instance, if you’re launching an NFT project based on the Cardano blockchain, you should partner with Cardano influencers, as their followers and your target audience overlap.

6. Engage with your followers

Twitter is a platform for establishing a two-way communication channel with your audience. To use it effectively, you need to create content that motivates your audience to interact with your tweets. In addition, it’s crucial to actively engage with people who tweet about your brand.

7. Utilize Twitter polls

Twitter polls are a great way for your cryptocurrency project to interact with your audience in new and exciting ways. People like to share their opinions and thoughts through polls, and companies can benefit from their involvement. Running polls on your Twitter page will increase activity and encourage people to interact with your company.

For successful audience interaction, it’s crucial to create unique and engaging polls, similar to what VeeFriends does.

8. Use visuals to get past 280 characters

Twitter’s character limit can sometimes be restrictive for your brand’s messaging. To effectively communicate more in each tweet, incorporating visual assets such as images, infographics, or videos can make a significant impact. These elements can increase engagement, such as likes, retweets, and clicks, compared to text-only tweets.

Enhance your tweets by including charts or infographics to support informative content, or use eye-catching photos to amplify your inspiring messages. Videos are an excellent tool for capturing and retaining attention, especially during product launches or marketing campaigns.

For instance, Azuki used video to effectively announce the results of their Azuki Golden Skateboard auction.

9. Run Twitter ads

Elevate your Twitter marketing efforts by incorporating Twitter Ads into your strategy. With Twitter Ads, you can reach a wider audience beyond your current followers and hashtags. You have the advantage of highly targeted audience selection and access to detailed analytics on campaign performance and cost-effectiveness.

This way, you can ensure that your ad campaigns are reaching the right people and determine what messages appeal most to your audience. Once you have a solid understanding of organic Twitter marketing, it’s time to take the next step and run Twitter Ads.

Hire a Web3 marketing agency for crypto Twitter marketing

Twitter is a key marketing tool for crypto projects that can drive traffic to your website, foster a community, boost brand recognition, engage your audience, and make personal connections with your followers and customers.

As such, it’s essential to incorporate effective marketing strategies to enhance your Twitter presence.

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This can be achieved by sharing high-quality content and actively engaging with your audience.

However, managing an active and thriving Twitter presence can be challenging for crypto projects.

That’s where a specialized crypto marketing agency like ours comes in. We can help you build a solid Twitter profile for your crypto project, reach more followers, and grow your crypto project.

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