Marvel Studios Founder Says Web3 Has ‘Same Seed’ of His Early Marvel Days

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AUSTIN, Texas – The early days of Marvel Studios, self-funded and independent from Hollywood’s main production houses, reminds David Maisel of these early days of Web3, the visionary behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe said on stage at the Consensus 2023 festival on Friday.

Maisel recently launched Mythos Studios, which minted the Ekos Genesis Art Collection earlier this month. The project features original art from the late comic book artist Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald, who are known for their work across Marvel and DC comics.

“I think there’s so much noise that we have,” he said. “In our lives, there are so many pulls on our time, so many distractions, that for something new to break through … there needs to be a visual identity to it and a primal feeling from it. And art does that for me.”

In Maisel’s opinion, part of the joy of Web3 and digital art is the ability for it to be shared.

“You don’t have to just go to the museum or go to somebody’s home,” Maisel said. “I hope this shows a vote of confidence from someone who hasn’t been in the space. I really want to share this art and the possibilities around it.”

While the NFT market has been turbulent during the last six months, Maisel says there’s still an underlying value in art that goes beyond prices.

“The question ‘why’ comes from the same seed that was in me for Marvel,” Maisel said. “I don’t think I could do [Web3] if I didn’t have that same passion.”

A Dutch auction for Mythos Studios’ Ekos Genesis Art Collection kicks off on May 2 and 10 a.m. PT.

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