NFT Collection Deadfellaz Launches Streamingfellaz, a Video Utility Extension

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DFZ Labs, the creative team behind zombie themed non-fungible token (NFT) collection Deadfellaz said Friday its rolling out a video utility extension to allow community members to bring their tokens to life and embody their avatars on screen.

Called Streamingfellaz, the tool will let Deadfellaz token holders, also known as The Horde, to utlize the collection’s intellectual property (IP) beyond the artwork itself. Holders can represent themselves as their Deadfellaz NFT on platforms including Google Meet, Twitch, Zoom and YouTube, tracking users’ movements and body language to bring their tokens to life on screen.

Betty, CEO & Co-Founder of DFZ LABS said in a press release that Streamingfellaz will further extend Deadfellaz’ mission of giving holders a Web3 digital identity and new modes of self-expression.

“So many of our collectors have an emotional connection to their profile picture (PFP),” said Betty. “It’s important for us to foster that connection by providing tools that allow our wildly creative community access to empowerment of expression – without needing to have the technical skills.”

One member of The Horde, Dead Channel, was able to beta test the new tool and was enthusiastic about the product. “It’s been great bringing my full Web3 identity to life with my Streamingfella. Like many in the Horde: I am my fella, and my fella is me!” Dead Channel said in the release.

According to data from secondary marketplace Opensea, Deadfellaz currently has a floor price of 0.22 ETH, nearly $400, with a trading volume of 33,747 ETH or about $61 million.

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