With this package, we will do a project review and suggestions via zoom/google meet for your web 3 project.

Maximize the chances of your project’s success by conducting a professional tokenomics analysis, industry report, and executive summary.

With experience in developing over 50 projects, we possess the expertise to distinguish between successful and unsuccessful projects, and tokenomics plays a significant role in this regard.

In the cryptocurrency domain, tokenomics is as crucial as financial planning in other industries. A concise plan, backed by historical data and competitive analysis, instills confidence in investors.

Strong tokenomics ensures long-term token value, encourages early adopters, controls token inflation, and promotes sustainable growth.


  • Niche-specific Case Study w/ Historicals
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Token Utility & Distribution
  • Market capitalization
  • Funding Stages & Vesting Period

So, are you ready to ensure your project is investor-ready? Then let’s get started!


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